Welcome to Safeseal, your premier destination for high-quality home improvement solutions in Cambridge and Cambridgeshire. We specialize in aluminum windows that seamlessly blend style and efficiency. But that's not all – our commitment extends to a comprehensive range of windows, including uPVC windows and timber windows, ensuring that we meet all your diverse preferences and requirements.

Why Choose Aluminum Windows?

Aluminum windows, renowned for their sleek design and exceptional performance, are a testament to our dedication to quality at Safeseal. Cambridge homeowners can enjoy the benefits of durable, low-maintenance windows resistant to corrosion, all while adding a touch of modern elegance to their homes.

Cortizo Aluminium Casement Windows

Cortizo Casement stands out as a sleek aluminum window system that opens outward from the top and side, featuring contemporary, slender frames and impressive thermal and weather performance. This design not only makes it a perfect replacement window option but also an excellent choice for new constructions and property expansions.

Embracing various configurations such as outward opening casement windows, fixed units, unique shapes, and bays, this system boasts exceptional quality and durability. With a frame depth of 70mm, it serves as an ideal alternative in the UK replacement market.

Distinguished by its high energy efficiency, these windows are crafted from premium-grade aluminum, ensuring an optimal glass-to-frame ratio that invites more natural light into your living space. Boasting a thermal break zone of 32 mm, a transmittance Uw from 1.0 W/m²K, and the added security of British certification PAS 24, the Cortizo Casement emerges as a durable and energy-efficient aluminum window solution ideal for both residential and trade markets, equally for refurbishment or new build projects.

Benefits Summary:

  • Sleek sightlines
  • Excellent insulation facilitated by polyamide thermal break technology
  • Option for slimline and robust sashes catering to various window sizes
  • Flush profile availability
  • Equipped with security hardware and concealed hinges
  • Standard double glazing with the option for triple glazing
  • Extensive selection of finish options, including dual-color possibilities
  • Rigorously tested to meet the demanding PAS 024: 2012 standards
  • Comprehensive assortment of frame couplings, bay window attachments, and sills
  • Frame finishes in polyester powder coat or anodized, with dual-color options
  • Diverse finishing choices, such as a wide variety of RAL colors, anodized, anti-bacterial, textured, or wood effect finish
  • maintenance free

Thermal Efficiency Beyond Compare

In the contemporary context, the demand for energy efficiency in buildings is a requirement emphasized by both architects and discerning customers who recognize the significance of reducing heating costs and air conditioning expenses. CORTIZO effectively addresses this challenge by offering systems tailored for various climatic conditions, incorporating a high insulation coefficient to guarantee comfort within the residence. Complementing this commitment, our aluminum windows showcase cutting-edge double glazing technology, delivering superior insulation and minimizing heat loss. This results in elevated energy efficiency, assuring that your home maintains a comfortable environment regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.

RAL Colour Customization for Personalisation

Acknowledging the paramount importance of personalization, we provide aluminum windows with RAL color customization options, allowing you to tailor your windows to seamlessly match your home's exterior. Whether you prefer a classic white finish or a bold contemporary shade, our extensive RAL color choices cater to your unique style. Our offerings extend beyond the conventional, incorporating the entire RAL color chart in powder coating, exclusive powder coating, metallic, textured, wood effect, and over 100 finishes in anodized. With options like aluminum on the outside and wood on the inside, as well as two-colored finishes, our range presents an unlimited opportunity to create a harmonious color palette that truly reflects your taste and enhances the aesthetic of your home.

Slimline Design for Modern Appeal

Opt for our slimline aluminum windows, where precision craftsmanship meets modern design. The slim profiles not only contribute to aesthetics but also ensure a contemporary look without compromising on performance. The sleek sightlines of these windows maximize your view and elevate the overall visual appeal of your home.

Powder Coated Finish for Durability

Our aluminum windows boast a powder-coated finish, enhancing their durability and resistance to the elements. This finish not only contributes to the longevity of the windows but also adds an extra layer of aesthetic appeal to complement your home or commercial space.

Explore the endless possibilities of home improvement with Safeseal. Contact us today for a consultation and discover how our aluminum, uPVC, and timber windows can transform your living spaces in Cambridge.

Commercial Solutions for Every Need

Our expertise extends beyond residential spaces. Safeseal provides tailored commercial solutions, offering the same commitment to quality, efficiency, and style for businesses across Cambridge.

Safeseal's Range Of Aluminium Products

Aluminium Doors: Elevate Your Entryways

Extend the sleek design and efficiency of our aluminium windows to your entryways with our collection of aluminium doors. Whether for residential or commercial spaces, our aluminium doors blend style with security, offering diverse designs and configurations.

Aluminium Sliding Doors: Seamless Transitions

Experience innovation with our aluminium sliding doors, minimizing sightlines for expansive views and a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. Perfect for those who value fluidity in their living areas.

Aluminium Bifold Doors: Effortless Harmony

Create a harmonious living environment with our aluminium bifold doors, ideal for both residential and commercial spaces. Effortlessly blend your interiors with the outdoors, maximizing space efficiency and providing unobstructed views.


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